have kept the hous●e, and nursed Ellen, and rubbe▓d her, kneeling morning and evening for ●an hour at a time by the bed and not minding my ▓own back aching till I nearly dro

ne many other necessa▓ry things, but all the time I have bee●n dreaming, and I do love it.B▓ut now I must be stern and say, ●“Get behind me, Satan,” when▓ the dreaminess w

is ringing, I must go. Oct.20th.▓ The last few days have been trying.I ha●ve had so much trouble to keep on the surface.I▓ am going tomorrow.Brother wil▓l drive me to Geor

irresponsible life ends.It has n●ot lasted long, for, Brother being away, I ha▓d all the copying of Papa’s will to● send to the different members ▓of the family, and the li